For Life & Business

Create the amazing & abundant lifestyle you deserve!

Abundance For Life

Things in your life are going EXACTLY the way yo want them to be! You finally have the lifestyle of your dreams that you enjoy sorrounded by the people you love. You are aaabsolutely happy with your life and all you can say now is: Thank you Universe!

Abundance in Business

It finally happened, you manage a successful business you aaabsolutely love! and the best of all is that it is in total and complete harmony with your lifestyle. Not only you love your life and your business, but thanks to it now you have become the light other people needs to achieve  their dreams. Now, you are living your mission to positively impact, touch  and change the life of others! 

You’ve been trying for a while to create the abundance you want for your life and business but it still feels like there are some pieces missing in the puzzle.

You know that having a Plan & a Strategy Mapped out are exactly the pieces you need to solve your puzzle! but…

You’re not sure where to start…

You want to live an abundant life where your lifestyle and your business come together harmonically but you don’t know where to start –yet– If only you knew where to start…

You’re not sure about the resources & tools you’ll need…

There is so much information out there! of all sorts and let’s face it, it can take thousands of hours researching, putting the relevant information together. Not only that! It can also be V E R Y expensive…

It seems so hard to put everything together

After spending thousands of hours researching you still need to create a plan and a strategy to implement what you’ve learnt but, by this time you’re feeling like giving up because it’s all so overwhelming!

Hi, I’m Amelí

And I’ve created Abundance Strategies for Life and Business as the ‘go-to’ guide in your journey to create the lifestyle and the business you love!  with step-by-step and effective mapped-out strategies to get you creating the abundance you so much want!

This course is subdivided in two parts…

Abundance Strategies For Life

Learn strategies to create the lifestyle you love, you’ll learn everything from habits, goal setting, time management and some important financial management strategies to set you up to success.


Abundance Strategies for Business

Whether you run a business or you want to start one, in this section you will learn the strategies to build a great foundation to your business, branding, management, marketing strategies & social media.

Plus some cool BONUSES!

Bonus one:  You’ll get the exact audios and audiobooks that will guide you through out this journey

Bonus two:
 You’ll get the exact spreadsheets and plans-of-action to manage your time, finances and business.

Bonus three: Access to the our exclusive facebook coummunity where you can turn in for support, exchange ideas and to network with other entrepreneurs!

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